Now the question is not whether the company needs CRM software but how to put it to the maximum use. Many machines and furniture, even buildings and land, forest and water bodies are not fully utilized. Some questions of ethics and values may prevent exploitation, but the fact remains that productivity is often below the optimum. The same applies to money and human resources. Hospitality companies dealing in accommodation and food delivery along with allied travel and tourism, spa, and amusement facilities are finding the Hotel CRM instrumental in increasing revenues.

CRM systems have now covered every industry and segment like manufacture and retail businesses, even small and medium operations. It may go by different names, but the rose by any other name will not lose its attractiveness. Can you believe that spending on CRMs is expected to grow by 2023 to $35 billion?

The goal of delivering personalized services

Starting with a mechanical lifestyle of factory-produced goods for a generation, the thrust now is upon customized services. The hotel that puts a smile on the guest’s face ensures loyalty and references. How is that done? Perhaps a rousing welcome, excellent rooms and food, small tokens of love, and a kind word or two through an app during the hotel stay? It is quite challenging, especially in an over-busy hotel that works like a town day and night with three shifts of workers. In the frenzy and the mad rush to cope with guests, especially during vacation seasons, the personal factor may be overlooked, but it cannot for the sake of the company reputation and the future.

Hotel CRM

The problem of CRM utility

Just like costumes along with accessories and gifts are often indulged in for vanity’s sake rather than real need, perhaps the Hotel CRM has been installed just because other companies are doing it! In that case, it merely serves a decorative purpose and becomes a topic of conversation in company parties and board meetings. Research reveals that the CRM utility levels are very low in the first year and get even lower during the succeeding year. Perhaps a little training and motivation would be required, and that may be missing in a rush to deliver orders and collect salaries, up-gradation of facilities, and the search for new leads amidst the terrible competition. Advertising wars are commonplace with a dozen hotels and restaurants in the locality vying for the same customers. Tensions are often felt at high levels.

The miniature business looks good in the CRM

Like a painting of a harvest scene on a grain of rice, the CRM represents the bustling hotel in great detail. The sum of the CRM info would be far higher than any single employee can know, even the CEO who may know the essential facts and the inner secrets. Finally, just like fresh fruits sell themselves, the Hotel CRM will begin to wield massive influence as a ready reference anytime at any location of not only the past of the company but the present and the future trends. It may take some time, and the staff needs to learn how to utilize it. Among the CRMs available, INNTELLIGENT CRM built by expert professionals who know the hospitality grassroots will deliver the best results. Go for it.