S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, Trackable

Organize Sales Funnel:

  • Manage leads to help ensure proper follow up.
  • Entire team can easily build suspects, prioritize status and assign.
  • Click of a button to convert suspects into revenue generating accounts.
  • Strategy build and plan for accounts long term client loyalty.

Measure Productivity:

  • Real-time overview of where sales time is being spent.
  • Quickly view revenue opportunities by status of Lost, Prospect and Definite.
  • Calendar view to schedule/organize weekly activities proactively.
  • Guidelines for effective proactive sales efforts.
  • Tips to qualify by market segment.

Map to Success:

  • LIVE Marketing Plan that becomes a part of monthly strategies.
  • House Market Volume, Top & Target Account info, Positioning, Revenue & Budget Goals, Competative Set Analysis and more.
  • Annual Marketing Plan report with click of a button in PDF or Excel.
  • Monthly Reporting with click of a button that is live and can change instantly with market shifts.

Track Revenue Results:

  • Filter to all opportunities to quickly edit and update status, see revenue potential.
  • Live report grids by year provides revenue potential and qualifying info to help prioritize time.
  • Monthly reporting shows total revenue in Prospect Status as well as Closed in previous 90 days.

Hoteliers' Most Trusted CRM Tool Enables You to Close More Deals in Less Time

Organize Leads. Track Results. Increase Revenue.