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The Easiest CRM Tool for Hotel Customer Relationship Management at Your Fingertips:

Organize Sales Funnel

Know and understand where you are at with each revenue opportunity for your hotel by Prioritizing Leads in an easy to follow process. Receive tips on qualifying questions and market segment targets.

Measure Productivity

Proactive selling is key to any hotel’s revenue success. Easily develop productivity goals specific to your sales team, hotel and market and see real-time measurement via the dashboard or reports with a click of button.

Map to Success

Tired of having a Marketing Plan that never is put to use?  INNtelligent CRM Integrates your Marketing Plan and provides simple reports to help map your path to hotel sales success.

Track Revenue Results

RFP, LNR, Group and Meeting Report Grids provide a quick snapshot of the value of opportunities your sales team is working on or has closed giving you the power to track revenue results.

Hotel CRM Software- Close More Deals in Less Time.

S.M.A.R.T. CRM provides hoteliers solutions to simplify your processes in a language specific to the hotel industry

INNtelligent CRM Customer Engagement

Contacting the right client at the right time, at the right place, by the precise means necessary to further them along in the sales process with organized efficiency.

INNtelligent Scheduling

Allows you to calculate your next move with a Suspect, Prospect or Client equating to stronger loyal relationships, sound objectives and new evolving revenue opportunities.

INNtelligently Organized

Time management is key to driving revenue and maximizing your sales teams performance.  INNtelligent CRM allows our sales person to be on the move with all of the tools at their fingertips… a virtual sales office!

INNtelligent Reporting and Accountability

Know where your Sales Team is spending their time in real time, what revenue opportunities are pipeline and where they are in the sales process at all times.

INNtelligent Strategy

Imagine your annual Marketing Plan orchestrated in perfect synergy with your monthly reviews and future months strategy calls.

Stories from Some of our Fastest Growing Customers

“Inntelligent CRM is so easy to work with, especially when you are managing multiple Director of Sales and Sales Managers.  The reports help me to always know where my team is in their sales efforts and goals that I have set for them.”

Kari W – Regional Director of Sales

“By far, the biggest advantage of INNtelligent CRM is the simplicity. It is user-friendly and intuitive and utilizes industry terminology.”

Noreen -Hotel Owner

“I am the DOS for multiple hotels and strive to be successful and organized at each location!  Without Inntelligent CRM I would be lost and loose ground on work that has been done.  Would not be able to operate without it.”


Christy H – Regional Director of of Sales

“I have had the opportunity to work with many CRM’s, most are not specific to the hotel industry, nor do they provide the reports we need to hold our team accountable to their goals.  Inntelligent is easy to maneuver through and easy to train to the team, it self builds activities that I expect our team to be doing when they are closing new business.”


Christine R – President of Sales

Hoteliers' Most Trusted CRM Tool Enables You to Close More Deals in Less Time

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