The Hotel Relationship Manager plan, organize, coordinate, supervise and evaluate the activities and administrative processes of the hotel establishment. These professionals are responsible for all the hotel services, including the reception, the services of Keys, reservations, banquets, maintenance and restoration; in addition, they establish the standards for the administration of personnel, they are in charge of the guest service, of the publicity and, in some cases, of the selection of menus.

Principal functions:

Below, the most common functions of a Hotel Relationship Manager:

Supervise hotel activities:

  • Coordinate and monitor the different departments of the hotel, including Human Resources, Housekeeping, Security, Public Relations, Sales, Administration and room service.
  • Communicate and deal with customers, other Managers and employees using a clear, professional and respectful language at all times, ensuring the proper functioning of the hotel relationship Manager.
  • Create, evaluate and implement policies and guidelines for the activities of the different departments and the establishment.
  • Inspect the rooms sporadically to verify that they are complying with the hotel’s service standards.
    Interact with guests:
  • Personally welcome guests or VIP clients
  • Listen to the opinions of the guests to ensure their satisfaction with the services provided.
  • Answer questions regarding hotel policies and services; In addition, deal with the complaints or claims of customers to be able to offer a superior service, in order to become the best hotel establishment.
  • Anticipate and take care of the needs of customers.
  • Negotiate the use of hotel facilities with clients in order to hold conventions, banquets, parties and other social or corporate events.
  • Make sure that the information provided to the client is up-to-date and accurate.

Supervise hotel staff:

  • Manage and coordinate the responsibilities and tasks of the staff, including those of Receptionists, Keys and maintenance, sales personnel, among others.
  • Generate customized strategies and work plans for each department.
  • Establish the schedules and rotations of the hotel staff.
  • Hire and train new staff members.
  • Encourage teamwork to ensure the best quality of service and meet the needs of customers.
  • Supervise and monitor staff performance to ensure efficiency.
  • Perform administrative activities:
  • Manage and coordinate accounting, budgets, and statistical calculations, make the calculation of operating figures, establish room rates and strive to achieve the established sales goals.
  • Monitor and control the income and expenses of the hotel.
  • Develop and promote marketing strategies, including promotions and special discounts.
  • Create a network of suppliers and establish a good business relationship with them.
  • Generate and maintain the client portfolio.
  • Oversee the maintenance of equipment and furniture, order supplies, deal with contractors and suppliers and take care of having an efficient security.

Ensure compliance with health, safety, licensing and other legal norms and guidelines:

  • Monitor the staff to ensure compliance with hotel policies and procedures.
  • Daily tasks
  • Supervise and coordinate the daily activities of the hotel.
  • Monitor the hotel staff and establish their responsibilities.
  • Interact with guests to listen to their opinions and be able to offer superior service.
  • Provide the best customer service and meet the needs of the guest improving their overall experience.
  • Candidate profile
  • Excellent business skills

Communication skills, leadership, service vocation, customer orientation and pro-activity:

  • Communicate clearly, both in writing and orally, with clients, suppliers and staff members.
  • Count on customer service skills, be patient and diplomatic.
  • Be able to lead and supervise a multidisciplinary team.
  • Keep calm during adverse situations and handle the situation in an educated, discreet and effective way.
  • Organized and able to manage your time effectively:
  • Be organized and retailer
  • Be able to supervise and coordinate multiple departments at the same time and work under pressure in a dynamic and active environment.
  • Work according to income, generating the greatest possible amount of sales.
  • Be responsible, reliable and proactive.
  • Work independently and without supervision.

Analytical capacity and to make decisions, ability to resolve conflicts:

  • Resolve conflicts efficiently and quickly.
  • Demonstrate good judgment and think strategically.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, determined and determined to offer the best service.
  • Have good presence.

These are the qualities of a good Hotel Relationship Manager

Possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism, Hospitality, Marketing, Administration, Communication or other related careers is a mandatory requirement when applying for the Hotel Manager job. The ideal candidate should have the ability to speak, at intermediate or advanced level, a foreign language such as English; In addition, he must have knowledge in hotel operation, personnel management, Marketing, Sales and computing (Office Package and social networks). Having between 2 and 5 years of experience in similar jobs is another common requirement to be selected as Hotel Manager. The ideal candidate to become a Hotel Relationship Manager should be willing to work overtime, during weekends and national holidays.

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